Sunday, August 26, 2012

H is for honey

I am obsessed with honey. It can literally go on anything. It is also so so good for you. Sorry if this is like an infomercial for honey, but if you want to know me then you have to know about my honey obsession. 

Recently I have looking for all recipes containing honey. I found honey cupcakes, that I have still not made but the look great. We have been drizzling honey over our biscuits and pancakes. I have been sweetening our tea with honey. I found out that if you take butter pecan ice cream and drizzle it with honey it is heavenly. Seriously. I have put honey on watermelon. I have put honey on feta cheese. Honey on air-popped popcorn is amazing. 

Not only is it tasty but there are so many benefits. Got allergies? Grab some local honey. I did not have a single allergy problem. That is an amazing thing for a Georgia girl. My dog has severe allergies as well. We started drizzling honey over his food and his allergies have improved greatly. 

More benefits?... 
-Increases sexy time. They claim your libido goes through the roof. 
-It helps fight obesity, cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Did ya'll see that? I can lose weight with this stuff. I may start drinking this stuff like water. 
-It helps with colds and arthritis. 
- Your immune system will be rocking. 
- It helps with infertility. As a sufferer of PCOS this caught my eye. 

We are blessed here with an amazing farmers market. There are several booths there that just offer local honey. It is kind of expensive, like $9- $15 bucks a bottle, but it is so worth it. Wildflower honey is my favorite. Clover is good as well. It all depends on your tastes. 

If you have any amazing honey recipes let me know! 

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