Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday the 13th... Seriously? A Monday? and the 13th?

I just had a feeling that this was gonna be one of days. I mean come one... Monday the 13th? That just screams ruh roh raggy! That was Scooby talk if you didn't catch it. Yeah I am lame awesome. So this Monday... I was dreading it, however I work for dad. That means I can't call in sick, because being the daddy's girl I am he would come check one me and find me feeling A-ok at the pool or something. So I got out of bed and grumbled all the way to work. Looking like this....

Now, at this point I am running on 4 hours of sleep because my body is dumb and has days and nights confused. See the lovely bags? I walk into work and get bombarded with questions. I work/help run the family's towing company. This means I have 18 men that I am in control of at all times. It's not as glamorous as it sounds. I love them to death, but they whine and bicker and complain and ask you to repeat yourself 156646 times a day. It's like teaching Pre-K, seriously. Bless their hearts. (If you say that in the south it makes a negative comment instantly nicer.) Remember that. 

This morning it was "my new phone sucks can I have my old one back?" and "I don't want to go on this call." or my favorite "Will you order me breakfast?" Do I look like your mama? Then more questions... "Can I have new log sheets, I spilt something on mine?" , "I have a GPS, but will you look up directions?" , " You look grouchy? Are you grouchy?" At this point, I was probably turning red. I mean seriously, I got there an hour early to play online in peace get some extra work done ! And because hubs and I carpool but that's besides the point. 

Then one of my driver's calls me and his phone is messing up (should have let them keep their old phones) and all I can hear is ran...front of me.... I... hit them. I am thinking he has hit a person! I said (a little angrier then intended) "WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?" Well, ends up someone turned in front of him and hit him head one. It wasn't his fault and everyone was okay. Thank God.  At that moment dad walked in and I had to say a quick "Good morning. Oh by the way, one of your trucks just wrecked could ya go get that out of the road. Oh, and happy Monday daddy!"

First road bump taken care of. Ha, get it road bump? Then I realize it is hot. Like 88 degrees hot. In the office. Our AC was out. It's the middle of August in Georgia, ya'll. I thought I was melting and I was running on very little sleep. I was lovely. I am grouchy when hot. And sleepy. And people GROWN MEN are whining at me. We set up an emergency cooling system a.k.a fans every where! We had like 8 fans in our office. You couldn't hear a thing.
Look how ghetto I looked with my big box fan on my desk. I didn't care. I even stripped down to a black spaghetti strapped tank top. Not work appropriate? I didn't care. I couldn't hear the customers on the phone because of the big fan. I didn't care. Usually my desk is spotless. Look at that clutter! Again didn't care! 

You guys should have seen the post melt/aggravated photo. I took one but it was so bad I wouldn't even let the hubby see. I am feeling much better now that I have a shower and now that its a cool 70 degrees out. Hoodie weather in Georgia. Oh and the AC guy showed up and fixed it at 5pm, ya know when it was time to leave. He is still my hero though! 

Here's to a Happy Tuesday!

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Jamie said...

OMG...what a day!! It sounds like we work in parallel universes. I only got 4 hours of sleep last night because my days/nights are screwed up, The A/C was out in my office when I got there today, and I had so much to do today that when I thought it was 1PM, it was actually 4:15PM. CRAZY!
Hopefully tomorrow is much more calm and peaceful for the both of us!!