Thursday, August 30, 2012

I asked politely

So Riley is my little rescue. With issues. Major issues. You can read all about him here. Yeah, secretly I am a crazy pet blogger. Sorry, not sorry. I am trying to make a difference and talk people into rescuing like crazy. Anyways, over the last couple years I have noticed little things set phsyco Riley off. 

Example: Tonight is my night home alone, because our mean old boss my dad (love you daddy!) has Chris scheduled to work Thursday nights. I actually kinda enjoy these nights. Proof is here! Tonight I had plans to read and snuggle with the dogs in bed. No big deal. Nothing wild and crazy right? 

I went to get in bed but Riley was laying in the middle. I gently scooted my hand across the bed and said "Riley move your booty." I never touched him. I didn't move fast. There was nothing threatening at all. He freaked out. Majorly. He jumped up and ran backwards across the bed and fell off of it backwards. He managed to pull all the sheets off the bed, yank my iphone charger out of the wall and land on the min pin. He then sat there shaking and looking at me like I had done something. 

What little man looks like right now. It breaks my heart

I picked up everything and acted like nothing happened and he seems okay. He won't get back in bed but he is wagging his tail again. It's so weird and kinda scary how quickly things. One minute he is okay and the next he is going off the deep end. Anyone else have a weird rescue? Am I handling this right? 

  Oh and min pin survived although she is pissed. Diva dog does not like to be awoken from her freaking slumber. K? 


R said...

My best friend has two rescues and her first one took a few weeks to open up and now she rules the whole house! But I do know at first she hid under my friends bed when she was homeland would only eat at night. Like I said, now she is fine but it's been about a year since she brought her home.

Mallory Castleberry said...

He is really weird. We have had him 2 years and he still as random episodes. I am chalking it up to we are about to move and he sense the stress right now. Just send us happy thouhgts!

2 Punk Dogs said...

We've had Maggie for 4 years and she still is nervous around men, even the Mr., who feeds her dinner and walks her at least 3 times a day. We've had Duke almost 3 years and he still gets nervous when anything the least bit different happens. They are so much better than when we first adopted them!:)

Mallory Castleberry said...

Good to know it's not just him! Sometimes I just feel like we take steps backwards. Tonight he is perfectly okay.