Saturday, August 4, 2012

"E" is for Equestrian.

My first show horse- Gracies Boston Star Aka "Casper"

I am an equestrian. I have been riding as long as I can remember. My mom even rode while pregnant with me. My grandfather rode, my great- grandfather was an honest to goodness horse whisperer. People all around called him. He managed some of the largest show barns in the Southeast. It's in my blood. I was destined to do this. It is my one talent. I may be clumsy and awkward in any other endeavor, but put me with a horse and I become graceful. It's a natural God-given talent that I am thankful for.

I got my first pony when I was 3. I rode that little thing all over my grandparent's property. Then when I was 9 my great-grandfather was killed by a horse. It was not the horse's fault. She was spooked and stressed. I stopped riding for a year or so. Then I found a barn that did dressage lessons. 
This is dressage (My sister and her horse Rifle)

I bought that gorgeous boy up top, Casper, and started showing. Against the big times. And we were winning. These people had huge, fancy horses and had been practicing for years. I had a little quarter horse that I was training myself, little by little. I had been riding dressage for 2 months. We won the state- reserve champ title that year. Talk about under dogs. 

A few years later Casper threw me off during a ride and broke my elbow. I healed and he quickly threw me off again. This time it was a compressed tailbone. I called the vet to have him looked at because it was very unlike him. We found that he had scar tissue built up in his hips. The vet said something that broke my heart to pieces. I can't even type it without crying... he said, " This horse has more heart than I have seen in a long time. He has carried you with this issue for awhile, but kept going because he loved and trusted you. You can continue to ride him, but it will be to hard to show him." I lost it. I decided to retire Casper. He now lives like a king in my barn, playing in the fields and greeting kids. He is pretty happy. 

Casper in his blanket
Greeting kids, like a king
After his retirement I rode a few others but never really showed. Then I got back with my old trainer. She helped me get over my fears and I met this guy.
Monnington Soul aka "Soul"
We fell in love and went to the Grand nationals and the world championships after only 3 months of practice. We ended up being 2nd in the state, 2nd in the region, 9th in the nation and 11th in the world. It was amazing. We made magazines and were household names in our division. I fell in love with Soul and our life.  Big time trainers were asking who I rode for, would I ride for them?  People I looked up to were complimenting me on my riding and talking about how I had feeling and compassion for the horse. My confidence issue (read my B post ) went away. 

We aren't showing this year because I am buying a house, but I am still an equestrian. I go see him from time to time and ride. I teach on the side. It's my confidence boost, my passion, my outlet. 
"E" is an equestrian. I am an awesome equestrian. 

Love ya'll, so leave me some love!, 

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That's a great entry! Horses are such beautiful animals!