Sunday, August 5, 2012


We are buying my childhood home, from my parents. I was really excited at first, but now I am hitting the nervous point. Is that normal? 

Here's the scoop. The house is being sold to us at about 30k more than what our budget was, but it appraised at 60k more than that! It only will raise what the monthly payment $200 more than what we wanted, but that's $600 more than what we are paying now. It's just a little over 30% of our income, which is what all the financial experts say it should be. After all our bills are paid and we have gas and groceries we should have $400 left over at the end of every month. We just have to follow our Dame Ramsey budget to a T. No exceptions. 

The house is big and gorgeous and it has a barn and riding arena. It's close to work ( we will be saving 200 bucks in gas alone). My dad said we could drive a company vehicle back and forth except for days off ( we are off 10 days a month). We now eat out almost every night. That is almost $500 a month. We will live 5 minutes from work instead of 35 minutes, so I will be able to cook all of our meals. Also saving money.

 So why am I scared? Is this normal? Should I stop while I am ahead? Were ya'll scared? Should I just drink a glass of wine and let it all happen? 


Amy Powell said...

that sounds like such a big step!! I'm to that "buying a house" point in my life, but I can only imagine how nerving it is!! good luck :)

<3 Amy

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Mallory Castleberry said...

Thanks for the good luck wishes. It is scary, but hopefully it will be worth it!