Tuesday, September 25, 2012

K is for Kiss and L is for Lacey

I have slacked on the "about me" challenge. This post is a two for one deal, because you are getting the letters "K" and "L" . I am cheating and I am lazy. Whatevs.... I just closed on a house so I am celebrating with popcorn and TopGear. Tanner Foust is invited to my new house when ever he wants. For serious.

I also can't stop laughing. Like uncontrollably. My husband thinks I am a mad woman. I had ButterBuds smeared on my face like a lady. Popcorn for dinner = FAIL.

Anyways back to kissing Lacey.

She looks thrilled. 

I promise a more coherent post tomorrow.
Did I mention this was my first house? and that we had margaritas BEFORE closing to celebrate? Nothing like dealing with a boring closing a bit tipsy. Classy. I know. 

Okay, I am rambling. Night loves!

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