Friday, September 14, 2012

I have a hammock calling my name...


Dear Friday, Took ya long enough! This week has been dragging along, I am sleep deprived and stressed to the max. At least mama is letting me leave work at 2pm today! Dear Farm, I love you. I miss you. I cannot wait to see you. 2.5 hours until I am in the car and on my way to see your beautiful rolling hills and lay in that hammock. Follow me on twitter or Facebook or instagram (lilmrsh) for pictures. Dear puppies, Ready for a puppy weekend? Like 48 hours attached to my hip- riding in the gator- playing in the river fun... it's about to happen! Dear hubs, one week until we are home owners. EEK! Thank you for buying my childhood home for me. Thank you for not being mad that I have been a stress basket. Dear past week, wow... we had a baby born. Then the sister had to go the hospital for major issues and then hub's cousin was life flighted from a car accident and we were told he wouldn't make it. It's been crazy and stressful. I thank God that we didn't lose the hub's cousin. He is actually doing great! And I am thankful for the new baby cousin. She is gorgeous. Dear followers, You rock. Your comments and encouraging words keep me from screaming. I adore each and everyone of you. 


Corals Country said...

Hey there! New follower here.

I hope everything from your crazy week works out! You have such a cute blog!

Great post!

Come say hi! :)

Corals Country said...

oo and I forgot to add,


Now hurry up and get to that hammock! :)

Sapir @ Coffee, Books, and Airplanes said...

Puppies! YES! And wow, that sounds like such a stressful week! I'm glad everything turned out ok! And I hope you have so much fun on the farm! I mean, is there anything better than a hammock? :)

Nicholl Vincent said...

love the hubs one!

Following you now! Happy Friday!! Stop by and say hello! :)

R said...

How exciting...all except the last part about the wreck and such. But going to your farm, playing with puppies, riding the gator, and sleeping in a hammock? Wonderful weekend!!!