Monday, September 3, 2012

Something smells like a wet dog

This weekend I started out cranky. I hate Eve. Once a month I wonder what the hell that woman was thinking. My poor husband probably hates her too, because this weekend there were a few times I caught myself stepping into psycho. Fo' Realz. 

Chris spent the morning cutting grass while I pouted over nothing got dressed and stomped around started the laundry. When he finished he managed to get my cranky rump in the car and we headed to Dock Dogs. At this point I was so pissy over nothing that the man was taking his life in his own hands just dealing with me. I love him for this. 

If you love dogs and never have gone to a Dock Dog event, go. Actually take a moment to look up it up. You back? Okay.  The dogs are so into what they are doing. You can see them twitching with excitement. The handlers praise the dogs no matter how poorly they do and every one has a genuine good time. Plus, there is the added fun of friendly competition. 
One focused pup!

Leaving the dock!

Any dog can compete, and we saw it all. My favorites included: 
Bully breed mutt!

The Awesome Little dog!

A pitt/pointer 2 pit mix's that are representing the breed beautifully. I am a sucker for anyone promoting the breed in a positive way and these two do it successfully. 

There was a lab puppy that was 6 months old. Her handler was a boy that was about 12. They made cutest pair. She kinda belly flopped in, until she didn't. She did so well in practice and then froze on stage. She just sat there like, "how 'bout I just sit up here and look pretty? Good for you?" I think she will get it eventually. If anything she looked adorable doing it.

There was a cairn terrier, yes you read that right, Toto himself. That little dog flew farther than some of the big dogs! He had some major little dog swag that comes with being awesome.

Then there was a veteran lab, teaching a child how to be a handler. It was so sweet. Even when the kid wasn't focused the dog behaved perfectly. If that doesn't make you tear up your heartless. Just kidding. Maybe.

Then there was a mutt that was a family dog. After her jump she ran to her family to greet them. The dad of the group was in a wheelchair and thinking about him telling her she was perfect and loving her while the wife(handler) looked on, giving them there moment still makes me cry. I am such a softy.

On Sunday, we took we took the dogs watch. They behaved wonderfully and I tried to convince Riley that this was totally his sport. I am not sure he is on board, but I am gonna try. After we were done there, we headed to the hubby's family dinner. They are all from Chicago and it is a bit of culture shock even after 8 years for this southern girl. They are arguing about stuff just to argue, it is so loud and there family is huge! I actually like being apart of a big family now. It took awhile to get used to, but now I am part of the chaos! They are not bad for in-laws. 

Now I need to rest up to get ready for next week!

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Rachel said...

I get pretty irritated at Eve on a regular basis too. And it's great that you've gotten the hang of your husband's family's culture! I'm still working on that one...