Sunday, September 2, 2012

"I" is for important

"I" is for important because that word has been everywhere for me this week. 

The help
1). My job is important. The guys at work sometimes forget that I am just as important as they are. Sometimes they just act like I am there to wait on them.Yes, I get to be in the office on the rainy days while they are in the field, but that doesn't make my job any less valuable. Without me, the calls don't get to them! 

2) I am important. My opinion matters. I am sick of it not being heard. My wants and needs matter. My accomplishments matter. I can express my opinion. I can be proud of my accomplishments and everyone else can get over it! 

3) My husband is important. He sometimes forgets this. I pledge to work harder this week to make him see it, because he has been hard on himself lately. It doesn't help that his father still won't make an effort to be in his life. 

I want everyone to realize that they are important. Everyone, no matter the job, age, status. YOU MATTER! Without you this world would not be the same. So embrace you! Take time for you! Love you! 
That is important to me, that everyone feel loved. 

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