Monday, September 24, 2012

I can be girly.

So I am typically not a girly girl. I would love to be, but I have horses. I also lack time and patience and when I try, I typically fail. I really can't do nails. They end up ragged and lopsided and I can't color in the lines! Well last week I got the opportunity to try out Czech glass nail files. I thought nail files were all the same. Metal, paper, glass does it matter? Yes, yes it does.

When I received the opportunity to do the review I quickly went to the website to learn about glass nail files. The website was pretty classy. There were so many nail files to choose from! What was a girl to do? I chose a plain glass with blue paint. I got the 2 sided file with tip, 90mm. It is beautiful and it's purse size. Go to the website and look! A gorgeous nail file. Told you so. The file was heavier than any other file I had used and well constructed. It has a real fine grainy feel where you file, and a nice smooth grip. 

I was excited to try it and my nails were looking rough. Have a mentioned I am not very good with a nail file? I typically can't do it. This nail file is great though. The glass doesn't rip or tear at your nails. It's very gentle and you get a smooth finish instantly. You know how usually you can tell you just filed your nails? Not with this one. It gives you a nice rounded easy to paint edge. With the even strokes, I wasn't butchering and having to file and re-file so my nails ended up staying long and pretty. I was impressed! I instantly went online and ordered one for my sister. I think I might have to order more colors for myself! 

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