Friday, September 14, 2012

Let the wedding planning begin!

You know that friend that is always the bridesmaid? She is always at the showers, the bridal luncheons and the bachelorette parties. My friend Em is that girl. She is always the one planning the weddings, but never the one walking down the aisle. She owns quite a few bridesmaid dresses. Em is a pretty girl, and she has been in a few serious relationships but nothing that led to marriage.

Well... that changed last weekend! Em is engaged! She sent me a text saying that he proposed and we get to plan a wedding for Fall 2013. I immediately thought back to the horrors of my wedding planning. She promised me that she would make sure the bridesmaids had stylish dresses and I sighed with relief.

When I took my bridesmaids dress shopping there were issues. The boutique had the color we wanted but did not have many options. Most of the girls were petite and it did not matter, but for my maid of honor it was difficult. She has curves and everything she tried on showed it all a little too much. She hated dress shopping and I felt awful making her do it.

Maybe Em’s bridesmaid dress shopping will go a little better. Especially since I found  WeddingtonWay and there awesome selection. Seriously, there are so many options and designers. I clicked around and found the watters bridesmaid dresses. They are gorgeous, Em's style and I think we can find an option that will work for everyone. Plus, the dresses come in all styles so we could find something we could wear again. I am pretty excited and I can't wait to show Em. Seriously, if you are planning a wedding check them out.


Sarah Grace said...

i loved weddingtonway! i found my bridesmaids dresses through the watters line, but they were from the wtoo collection, just their lower end line. they were fabulous and the girls loved their dresses! i'm sure you will be a great helper as she looks for hers!

happy friday friend!

xoxo, sarah grace

kennady said...

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