Tuesday, September 18, 2012

She found her roommate where?!

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My mom has a strange friend. A very strange friend. I don't mean to be ugly, but bless her heart.
 Let's call her Dino, I don't know why...it just feels right to call her Dino. Well Dino is going through a pretty nasty divorce that includes some pretty interesting loops and turns. It is my new soap opera. Dino has the ability to laugh about it too, so no worries. 

During this whole mess she ends up finding a roommate that according to my mama is even stranger than she is. We had a conversation about it the other day, that went a little like this...

Mom: "Did you get the chance to meet Dino's weird roommate."
Me: " No where did she find this roommate?" 
Mom: " a support group "
Me: "Oh , So what makes you think this woman is weird?" (not gettin it...)
Mom: "She collects furniture, but not like I do." (still not getting it...)

So in this woman's furniture collection she has a gold and red formal dining room table with a giant green peace sign in the middle. She has several random pieces in random colors of the rainbow. Nothing matches. It's a garage full of mismatched oddities. One gem in the collection, a T.V. that has been converted into a cat bed/litter box combo. THE LADY DOES NOT OWN A CAT. She bought it just in case. She has had it for years and never got a cat. Hmmm.... 

Apparently the two of them could't live together. Their types of weird don't mesh. Some times all you can do is shake your head. 

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Scribble-N-Dash said...

Oh goodness... I think everyone has a little "weird" in them but some people just cross a line & like you said you just have to shake your head lol!

<3 Melissa

PS, I put up my post for the swap today!!! Stop by & check it out :):)