Sunday, September 9, 2012

J is for junk

Why do I have so much junk? Okay, so it's not really junk. It's kitchen stuff and clothes, but I am realizing in a few short weeks I have to move all this stuff. Do you ever look around and ask, "Do I really need all this stuff?!"

So here are the things I cannot leave behind!

1. My Ikea Expedite workstation . I love the cubbies for organizing. I love the color. I love how it looks. I love it. 

2. My dana comforter from bed bath and beyond. It is super comfy and warm. 

3. My crockpot. I honestly, I cook everything in it. Tomorrow it will slave over a lasagna while I am at work.

4. My elmer horse figurines. When I got thrown from Casper and had to retire him, the hubby bought me Elmers that were white and looked just like My boy. They go where I go. Love them and love him. 

So that is the "junk" I will never leave behind!

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