Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A letter to myself in 10 years: #Blogtober14

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        Hey you! I hope this letter finds you well. You look great! I see you lost the weight you set out to lose. Congratulations! You and Chris have been together 20 years now. 20. Kids or no kids? Who cares, you can enjoy life either way. 
       I see Chris got promoted and is now a regional manager. I always knew he was smart enough and determined enough to make it up the ladder. And you rocking the title of one of the top Real estate agents in the state. I am glad you found something you loved and stuck with it. You guys are doing well and out of debt! 
      I see a few new 4-legged faces running around. Rescues are still a big part of your life. Speaking of   4-legged companions, your new horses are gorgeous. The dressage freestyle you are preparing looks fun and that hunter horse is breathtaking. Chris's Belgium looks super sweet. I hope he is enjoying trail riding. I am glad you guys were finally able to buy that 40 acre farm you always dreamed of. I heard dad finally talked mom into showing horses too! And mother daughter team that can't be beat! 
     I hope the next 10 years are just as great. Just remember to not stress, do not take things to serious, slow down and enjoy. Never lose yourself. Never forget to love and allow yourself to be loved. Hold on to those who matters and let go of those who don't. 

Helene in Between Blogtober
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