Friday, October 17, 2014

Don't Worry, I'm an expert.

Helene in Between Blogtober

Today's topic is all about being an expert. My husband goes, "Oh, that's easy... dressage or horses in general." Nah, I have a lot to learn from the "greats" still.

So, here is the list of things I think I could be considered an expert at right now.

I can sleep anywhere and just about anytime. Try me.
My lovely husband captured this picture of me and some fellow expert nappers napping in a stall at a horse show. Yes, I said a stall. 

Messing up my freshly painted nails
I suck at painting them anyway. When I finally get them just right I usually wait for what seems like hours for them to dry. I sit perfectly still. The second I deem them dry and move a little. They are ruined. 

I snuggle with my husband, my nephew, my cat, my horses, the dogs.... anything that will sit still long enough. That almost sounds dirty. 

Checking IG and Facebook
 I can scan through and make sure I am not missing anything in 30 seconds flat. 

A good cry
I am the emotional human ever. I cried this week watching victory laps at the horse show. Seriously. 

Choosing the worst movies
Seriously, don't ask me to pick out a movie. I am to A.D.D to sit through them and I cannot for the life of me choose one. 

Not knowing how to end a blog post 
I always sound weird and awkward and just kind of trail off. 

On that note... 

What are you an expert at? 

- Mal 

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