Friday, October 3, 2014

Dream job : Then and Now

When I was a kid I didn't have one specific job I wanted to do but here is the general list:

1. Princess - I pretended my room was a castle.
2. Lawyer- I carried around the cutest brief case but never actually had a trial.
3. Librarian- I made my mom, friends and stuffed animals check out books. So cool, I know.
4. Real estate agent- I took the mini real estate books and "sold" the houses in them.
5. Magazine editor- I made mini magazines with little articles of current events and "sold" them.
6. Horse trainer/ equestrian

I find that list very interesting. I mean, I was 6ish and that list is very specific and grown up. Probably because I was an only child the first 9 years of life.

My list now isn't much different. I am kinda doing that whole horse trainer thing. I would love to own a cozy bookstore or work at the library and I am currently getting my real estate license. I guess little me and big me are one and the same. Some people never change.

- M

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