Monday, October 27, 2014

Dear High School Self

Dear high-school self, 
You little baby hoe. Just kidding. But seriously, let's have a little chat. 

Stop worrying about boys and focus on school. You want to be a veterinarian, right? Well, they can do this thing called math. Yeah you are an A student when it comes to everything else, but for some reason that boy's curly brown locks are more important than Algebra. Guess what? You met someone else. Someone better, who doesn't say he is at his sick grandma's house when he is in fact with another girl. Someone who doesn't make you cry. Someone who knows when to grow up and takes care of you. By the way you actually meet him at the beginning of Junior year. That guy at the barn? The jerk? You fall head over heels in love with him.  Now, if we could get all those math classes back. 

Be confident. Be yourself. You are pretty awesome. You can sing, you ride horses, you are pretty and you are smart. So... try out for that lead role and belt it! You don't give your voice enough credit. Later in life you will stand in front of half the town and sing at your grandfather's funeral. Your voice is a gift. 

Spend all the time you can on that big gray horse. One day he will have to be retired and you will feel broken. Later, you will realize that is not the end of y'alls bond. Cry into his mane, canter up hills and groom him. Love him like he loves you. Unconditionally.

I got off track... just own who you are and live each day to the fullest. Don't waste a second. Take every opportunity that comes your way and better yourself. Leave the drama behind and let the peace enter your world. Push all the hate out and love. Love with all you've got and put your faith first. 

Once you've done that, it will all fall into place.
Now, get to class. 


Helene in Between Blogtober

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