Monday, October 20, 2014

A few fears...

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 It is only fitting to talk about our fears with Halloween just around the corner.  I have the usual fears: losing someone I love, failure, loneliness, not having kids....

And I have others:

  • Spiders. I cannot handle spiders. I have wrestled alligators, walked lions on leashes and handled snakes but you bring a spider around and I lose it. 
  • Running out of chocolate. I keep chocolate on hand all the time and the second I realize my stash is out I panic a little.  Okay, a lot and I usually make an emergency run to the store in my pajamas. 
  • Heights. I am clumsy and then you put me up high and I just know my next stumble will be my last.
  • Breaking another bone. Breaking my elbow was not so bad, but breaking my tailbone was excruciating. Yes, I broke my ass. 
  • Scary movies. I cannot even watch the previews of 90% of them. Even movies that kids can handle sometimes freak me out.  
So those are a few of my fears. What are yours?

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