Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Yep... that would be my horse!

I have had so many embarrassing moments that it was hard to choose just one. I managed to narrow it down to one that was so embarrassing I cried. It involves this guy:
He looks cute. Don't let him fool you.

So I was around 14 and we were at a local horse show. Everyone who was anyone was there. I rode Casper in a few classes and he placed well. I was proud of him! Then it was my sister's turn to take him in a class or two. 

We put her up on Casper and my cousin went in on her horse. The class was a large beginners class. Everything seemed to be going well, but then I saw it. A little pony threatening to kick Casper. Casper's eyes got big but he kept trotting. The second time around my cousin lost her balance and her horse (Toby) panicked and threw her off. This is all it took. 

The next thing I know Toby is running around the arena and Casper is right behind him. My sister and cousin are both on the ground. Parents are yelling and trainers are grabbing ponies and kids. I run to the gate and ask to go in. 

The ring steward said, "Young lady only adults are allowed in the arena at this time. It is to dangerous in there for children."

I put my hand on my hip and in my sassy 14 year old way said, "Mr. if you want that big gray horse causing the chaos caught you better let me in the gate." I think he wanted to strangle me but he let me in the gate. At this point all the ponies had gathered at one end of the arena. I couldn't see over their backs to see where Casper was so I let our special whistle and yelled his name. All of a sudden a big gray face popped over the back of the pony in front of me. I grabbed his reins and got him out of there, throwing a smug grin at the ring steward. 

When we got back to the barn and I had groomed Casper and tucked him in his stall, my cousin and I sat down and cried. We realized we had one more day of competing and everyone now knew us and our naughty horses. We had to face these people. Casper kept nickering apologies at me and I accepted but I was super embarrassed and still kind of am. 

In his defense, the show officials should have known better than to let that many beginners in an arena together.

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